Video by Murdock Ramone

Music by Patrick Lester Rourke & Filippo Radicchi

VIDEO: To Hindenburg

Directed by Murdock Ramone

Camera by Faith Lovell

Music by Lee Griffiths & Patrick Lester-Rourke

VIDEO: The Sitter

A film that explores the culture surrounding psychedelic substance use, whilst also poking fun at it…

Co-written, co-produced & directed by Murdock Ramone

VIDEO: UpRising – Find Your Power

Find Your Power is a course put together by the charity UpRising to support young refugee & asylum seekers in the U.K.

Through workshops, the cohort learned useful life skills, and together we developed films that tackled issues they found important.

For more information on UpRising, please click here.

VIDEO: UpRising – Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice was a course put together by the charity UpRising to get young people involved in social action. As the final part of the course, I came in and delivered a filmmaking workshop, and together we worked on a video that tackles an issue important to the cohort.

For more information on UpRising, please click here.

VIDEO: Continue?

A short film exploring a young couples relationship through movementWritten by Nathan Lafayette

Directed by Murdock Ramone Media