The Archon Project

So recently I’ve been doing some filming for fitness group The Archon Project. They’re a great group of guys who know a lot about what they do. Unfortunately I can’t share the finished product with you as you have to be a paid subscriber to get access to them, but here are a few stillsContinue reading “The Archon Project”

Bo Kaap & the Waterfront

During one of my free weekends, I talk a walk with friends around Bo Kaap & the Waterfront. Bo Kaap is a famous tourist destination in Cape Town due to its magnificently coloured houses. The reasoning behind this is the Muslim community were forced to wear dull shades during Apartheid. The vibrancy of Bo KaapContinue reading “Bo Kaap & the Waterfront”

Area Games

The Area Games were just one of the many tournaments the charity Oasis and I were part of during my three month in Cape Town. In the Area & District games, children compete in Football, Netball, Chess, Draughts, Morabaraba, Dominoes and even Scrabble with the hopes of qualifying for the Cape Town Games My official roleContinue reading “Area Games”

Cannon Hill Collective 2014-15

For the past few months, I have been taking part in the third wave of a project known as the Cannon Hill Collective, an amalgamation of young, talented artists based in Brum looking to further develop themselves within their art form, and within their career. This time round, the project has been focused heavily onContinue reading “Cannon Hill Collective 2014-15”