VIDEO: Continue?

A short film exploring a young couples relationship through movementWritten by Nathan Lafayette

Directed by Murdock Ramone Media

UpRising 2017 Part I

UpRising is a project focused on teaching the youth of today the essential skills needed to become leaders in their field, and help them build projects that have an impact and made a difference to the world today. From the environmental sustainability to gender equality, these groups of youths spent 6 months together planning projects that culminated as funding pitches to ‘Dragons’┬áin the industry to get them off the ground.

I spent a few days with them taking photos as they worked.

DSC_3687.jpgDSC_3710.jpgDSC_3740.jpgDSC_3765.jpgDSC_3783.jpgDSC_3791.jpgDSC_3800.jpgDSC_4384.jpgDSC_4421.jpgDSC_4540.jpgDSC_4595.jpgDSC_5622.jpgDSC_5667.jpgDSC_5673.jpgDSC_5696.jpgDSC_5730.jpgDSC_5743.jpgDSC_5822.jpgDSC_5859 2.jpg

Photos by Murdock Ramone Media