Bo Kaap & the Waterfront

During one of my free weekends, I talk a walk with friends around Bo Kaap & the Waterfront. Bo Kaap is a famous tourist destination in Cape Town due to its magnificently coloured houses. The reasoning behind this is the Muslim community were forced to wear dull shades during Apartheid. The vibrancy of Bo KaapContinue reading “Bo Kaap & the Waterfront”


There are three things Amsterdam is famous for. Two of them aren’t entirely safe-for-work. The third is canals. When I went to Amsterdam in 2013, the weather wasn’t going to let us take a ride along the famous waterways, but this year the weather was gorgeous and I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than lying backContinue reading “Amsterdam”


Photos taken by Murdock Ramone Click here for more photos 2014