VIDEO: UpRising – Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice was a course put together by the charity UpRising to get young people involved in social action. As the final part of the course, I came in and delivered a filmmaking workshop, and together we worked on a video that tackles an issue important to the cohort. For more information on UpRising,Continue reading “VIDEO: UpRising – Find Your Voice”

UpRising 2017 Part I

UpRising is a project focused on teaching the youth of today the essential skills needed to become leaders in their field, and help them build projects that have an impact and made a difference to the world today. From the environmental sustainability to gender equality, these groups of youths spent 6 months together planning projectsContinue reading “UpRising 2017 Part I”

Cannon Hill Collective 2014-15

For the past few months, I have been taking part in the third wave of a project known as the Cannon Hill Collective, an amalgamation of young, talented artists based in Brum looking to further develop themselves within their art form, and within their career. This time round, the project has been focused heavily onContinue reading “Cannon Hill Collective 2014-15”